Honey I'm Home - By: Angelo Duncan ft. Reisa Rahim

Honey, I’m home
Sorry I’m so late
Got kept back at work
All for our sake.
I know you missed me I can tell, cause you’re acting all clingy,
But I’m all sweaty and my skin feels sticky.

Baby I been missing you since you walked out that door
So seeing you all sweaty is just what I been waiting for
Working hard for us
No doubt about we got the trust
Feels good to have you here with me
Mines to miss you’ll forever be.

I missed you too no doubt about it
Love you baby, only God above it.
No escape, it’s too late love from you is just too great
Simple me is all he can be because of you I got faith…
No one else I’ll want to wake up to
So let me show you how much I need you.
Lie down, relax and let your boy ignite your fire
Blast you off into the constellations or possibly even higher.  

You know I love you, its inevitable our love
Can’t help but think you were truly sent from above
No other can ever replace you
Nothing better no one can do
Hand in hand we fit perfectly like two puzzle pieces 
Nothing is perfect but I feel like this is.

I love you too baby and I ain’t lying
Every morning when I look into your eyes is a reason for living
And for you I’ll pull the sky downwards
So that when we’re together, it’ll seem like we flying   

And we’d sore higher than the eagles 
For our love breaks all barriers
I’d walk on glass just to reach you
Cause I know you would do it too
And we redefined love gave it a whole new meaning
A love like this will leave you gleaming

Honey it’s great to be home…