Fred gets his own series on Nickelodeon!!!

I'm a big fan of Youtube, and always enjoy just surfing it looking for interesting videos to watch. Sadly one of those things on Youtube that I never found interesting was Fred. You've heard of Fred right? Fred Figglehorn "It's not his real name  duhhh" He's that guy who got famous on Youtube for raisng the pitch of his voice, and talking really fast.

Many people do find him to be funny, but my opinion is that he is too damn annoying "excuse my language*lol*" I watched his Youtube show once and I subscribed like every good viewer does. But since then I have never watched another with exception to the movie "which I honestly found to be too damn gay and annoying" however I do compliment the movie on being funny, which was probably because there were actual screenwriters working on it, and not just some random kid  "Notice I didn't say randum lol"

I then came to find out that Fred is now going to have a show on Nickelodeon, and after all that, that I said do you think I'd want to watch it? Well actually I do want to see it, because Nickelodeon like Warner Bros has a way to make everyone of their shows great. So i'm assuming it would be a great show, because of Nick's track record.

I will review the first official episode when it is released. For now you can subscribe to Bloggers inc and share this article with your friends. You can also search our custom made Google search bar to get our recommended results for all your searches. "Goodbye"