Fate/Stay Night Anime Review

Hi fans, like we promised, anime reviews!!
First off we'll start with a must see anime...'Fate'.
Fate/Stay Night
Though aired first with only 24 episodes and a few specials, this anime is the sequel to the animation Fate/Zero, which is currently airing and has already finished its first season with the second season to appear in April 2012.

Fate's Main Characters
Fate/stay night chronicles a two-week period in the life of  Shirō Emiya, an amateur mechanic who attends a school named Homurahara Gakuen in Fuyuki City, Japan. The story primarily takes place at and around Shirō Emiya house, which acts as their base location in the Holy Grail War. Outside of Shirō's house, frequented locations include the Homurahara Gakuen high school, and the Ryūdōji Temple.
Shirō unwittingly summons Saber to fight with him in the Holy Grail War. She is an agile and powerful warrior; loyal, independent, and reserved, Saber acts coldly but is actually suppressing her emotions to focus on her goals. Saber is frustrated by Shirō's "protective" tendencies, believing his erratic and reckless behavior will jeopardize her chances of winning the Holy Grail War.
Saber with Excalibur

The second of the three heroines is Rin Tōsaka, a model student and idol of Shirō's school who is secretly a magus and Master in the Holy Grail War. She is a descendant from a long line of magi, and though she lacks a formal magic education, she is extremely powerful in her own right. She is perceptive, resourceful and avidly competitive.

Rin and Archer

The final heroine is Sakura Matō, a student in her first year of high school, and the adopted sister of Shinji Matō. After Shirō's father Kiritsugu died, Sakura often visited Shirō's home to help him with his daily chores. Sakura is outwardly shy and timid, but possesses great inner strength. She has a long-standing and obvious crush on the oblivious Shirō Emiya.
Sakura Mato

When the story begins, Fuyuki City is the setting for a secret and violent war among competing magi. For the past two centuries, seven sorcerers have gathered and engage in a Battle Royale, each gambling his or her own life to obtain the Holy Grail, a legendary chalice capable of granting wishes. The past four Holy Grail Wars have typically occurred every sixty years, with the most recent concluding a decade ago, but the fifth war has started prematurely.
Each of the sorcerers, better known as Masters, is aided by one of the seven summoned spiritual familiars known as Servants, who are the reincarnations of legendary souls from all across time. These resurrected souls possess superhuman characteristics and wield powerful artifacts or abilities called Noble Phantasms. Only one Servant can be summoned in each war from one of seven classes:Saber, Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Rider, Assassin, and Caster.


After cleaning his school's kyūdō dojo late one night, Shirō stumbles upon two Servants, Archer and Lancer, battling in the school courtyard. To avoid compromising the war's secrecy, Lancer hunts down and pierces Shirō's heart with his Noble Phantasm Spear. Shirō is then discovered near death by Rin Tōsaka and because of his relationship with her sister Sakura Matō, she uses an heirloom filled with concentrated magic, Mana, to restore his damaged heart and leaves before he awakens. Shaken and dazed, Shirō picks up the heirloom and returns home only to be assaulted a second time by Lancer. Shirō weakly defends himself against Lancer using posters he turns to metal with magic reinforcment, but is soon overwhelmed by the powerful Servant's attack, and is sent flying into his shed. Cornered, Shirō prepares for the worst; but before Lancer can inflict another fatal blow, a magical mark on Shirō's hand begins to light up and a summoning circle used previously by his foster father inside the shed begins to glow. A young woman clad in armor with an invisible sword is summoned and blocks Lancer's attack. After driving Lancer away from Shirō, she introduces herself as "Servant Saber".

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By: Angelo Duncan