Digicel vs. Bmobile

The two heavy weight champions in the Trinidad Cell Phone services business are Digicel and Bmobile. They are both great cell phone companies, but the challenge arises when trying to choose one. You want to choose the company that you would stick with "and give tons of people the digits right?"

So who is better, Digicel or Bmobile? I couldn't decide this on my own, so I asked some of my good friends and the results were shocking, yet not very surprising. The majority of people who I asked said Digicel was much better, and they under rated Bmobile. I jumped to the conclusion that most of them in fact had digicel phones, but apparently most of them have both.

So my conclusion is that most people in Trinidad and Tobago have both Bmobile and Digicel Phones at their disposal, but they generally prefer Digicel. I also asked for some comments and, there was a basic trend in their answers. Most people stated that Digicel has better rates and better reception, cheaper phones and a better Blackberry messenger service. It's obvious that Digicel is a fan favourite, eventhough some people liked Bmobile. I myself own a Bmobile phone, but not a Digicel, so my opinions aren't weighty.

The accuracy of the statements made, I can't verify.

However based on the results I gathered from my research, Digicel is the bigger better network.