Crime Watch Recap- Jahmari, the alleged killer of Errol Waldroff is dead.

A few days ago, a man by the name of Errol Waldroff was shot dead in his home, and it was alleged that it was because the bandits wanted his gold chain. Now I really want to believe that that wasn't the reason, but for something more. Because if it was, then the criminals in Trinidad has become heartless to the point of no return. The fact that you would kill a man for his chain, just goes to show how far Trinidad has gone.

So Ian Alleyne had a video of one of the killers, and after some clearing up, the image of the man was a bit clearer. This then provided millions of people with the ability to see one of the killers. It was then just paperwork for Mr. Alleyne to find the killer and hand him up to the police. He interviewed the family, and went into their homes to try and find him, only to hear that Jahmari was found dead.

The families of both Errol Waldroff, and Jahmari visited the autopsy and it was clarified that it was in fact Jahmari.

So someone killed the killer. Now I have some assumptions. I think that the second killer in the video, with the white shirt on, was the killer of Jahmari. Isn't it obvious. The whole country knows the first killer, so obviously if they find Jahmari, they would interrogate him and get information about the other. Another fact is that no one really knows the other bandit except Jahmari. So now that he is dead, the second bandit is more anonymous. You don't have to be a member of NCIS to figure this out, but i'm sure Jetro will be proud #LOL