Crime Watch Recap: Ian Alleyne seeks partnership with the P.M and drug related murders are on the loose.

This episode of Crime Watch was very intense and filled with information that was very serious and dangerous in nature. Therefore Bloggers inc will not be able to report all the information. Remember, do not report crime or leave tips on Bloggers inc, for Bloggers inc is not a police station Thank you.

The Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar is back and Ian Alleyne stated on national television that he is interested in working with her in fixing the country. I personally find it to be a good idea, as it will speed the fight against crime by a hundred fold and even more. There has been no response yet by the P.M but I think that it is in her best interest, especially if she wants to be re elected as Prime Minister in a few years time.

Mr. Alleyne also revisited the family of the fishermen who died, to say hello. The family were in full support of capital punishment along with Mr. Alleyne.

There was also some information about the death of three individuals (Some names will not be disclosed here). It is alleged that drugs was the reason for the death of two individuals, and Channas. It is said that a regional drug lord was set up and deceived by those individuals in the name of drugs. The whole story was disclosed on the program. You can still catch the re run at 10 on tv6.

I may not know much about crime, or any form of criminal activities, but what I do know for sure is that, "Iz wetting!"