Barack Obama is the only man fit to run America

Barack Obama's term in office is coming to an end, and again candidates begin running campaigns to get the prestigious position of President of the United States. This is usually a very interesting moment as some of the best public speakers and innovators are heard all over television, and radio with great ideas to help America and by extension the world.
Barack Obama

It's evident that Barack Obama hasn't made America like Heaven on earth, but I must say he has done a lot of good for the country and has great ideas. He has been attempting to improve the healthcare, make College affordable, make America energy efficient, along with many other initiatives to make the country of America a better place to live.

I was quite sure, almost assured that Mr. Obama would be overpowered and outclassed by the new candidates, but after listening to all these freak shows who want to run for President, I think that none of them are capable of running such a large and powerful country like America. I have experienced this in my own country that many candidates are all talk and nothing else. You as a voter must be able to distinguish between the talkers and the action takers. The only candidate who I believe can have some ability to do so other than Obama is Rick Perry, and many homosexuals, which make up 10% of America, are bashing him because of his Christian belief. This can never be too good for his votes. But if I was an American I would definitely vote for either Rick Perry or Barack Obama.

I guess the way things are, only time will tell.

Rick Perry