Zendaya Coleman, Bella Thorne, Roshon Fegan, Kenton Duty and Adam Irigoyen: Rising Disney Channel stars

Shake it up
I don't watch disney channel as much as I used to back in the days, but I always pass by to see if everything is good there. I remember my favorite shows on television were Even Stevens, Phil of the future, Lilo and Stich and well High school musical (no homo). The quality, however of shows on disney has degraded over the years with the exception of Wizards of Waverly Place.
This can be because I am a bit older than I used to, but still a teenager.

Anyway while on the channel I found this show called Shake it up, and it had me cracking up right through the show. So from that instance I rated the show, but you can't judge a book by its cover, so I looked at another and again I couldn't stop laughing. Don't get me wrong the show can be absolute filth for all that matters, but from what I saw it is great show. The actors got great potential especially Zendaya Coleman, Bella Thorne, Roshon Fegan and Adam Irigoyen to  go even further but my plead is that they don't get the Disney channel curse (I will expand on this in future posts on my blog) and stay good.