You have to fit- Poetry by Tricia Coutou

I really can't believe it,
This couldn't of happen just in one week,
You were smaller,
You used to fit into anything that I put you in,
Now all of a sudden you decide you grown up,
Now you fed up of the same one thing over and over again,

Just listen to me,
You need to do what I tell you to do,
Time is going by and you are the only one I have,
I need you,
Please do it,
Don't make me beg again,
Everyone will be looking at you,
And you need to impress them,
You need to show them how to look good,
How to shine,

You know what,
Two could play that game,
If you don't wanna fit in it then I would just sit here till you decide to try it on,
An I could wait for a long time,
I not in a hurry,
Think it over and realize you can't win,

I give up,
At least I tried,
I guess this shoe can't fit me anymore,
Time to throw it away