What It Felt Like - By: Angelo Duncan

It was like i was in rehab
Stuck in a 4x4 room,
With a strait jacket on,
Restrictiing my movements,
Preventing me from writing poems.
It has been a while since i expressed myself on paper,
Always procrastinating, saying ill do it later
Like what i do with my bible.....
Felt like i lost the skill to connect sentences together
Interlock metaphors and similies like a song writer
And even think beyond the boundaries of my grey matter.
Felt like I lost touch with my emotions
Sending mind and heart into one big competition
Over who should get my attention.
My mind overthinking and underthinking love
And my heart lacking yet giving out affection
Feels like ill never learn my lesson
Always in a state of being heartbroken.
Sounds like im toating
But really just venting
Cause it feels like forever since ive done this
And, damn, it feels like i still have a lil something