Twin Hype- Rising Soca stars for Trinidad Carnival 2012

Twin hype
Besides the fact that I know these two ladies personally, I can genuinely say, without bias, that they got talent. Representing Trinidad and representing the University of the West indies proudly with their musical expertise.

It was not new to me that they are soca stars, but it just never occurred to me to write about them on Bloggers inc due the fact that 70% of my audience is international while a mere 30% is from Trinidad.
But after tuning into Boom Champions on Sunday the 11th of December 2011, and hearing Twin Hype rep themselves on a Trinidad radio station with an international audience caused me to change my whole perception of these two. They are already doing it big even though they are only Seventeen year olds. So audience and time aren't factors in their success, and talent isn't a factor either.
Twin hype

I can't predict the future and say that these two will be the next best things from Trinidad since Nicki Minaj, or Anya Ayoung Chee, but what I can say is that they definitely got the potential to.

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