Top ten best tourists destinations to visit on a vacation.

There is already tons of sites that have written about this but it won't be complete unless it is on Bloggers inc. I will be adding some travel posts to my blog then create a section in the super menu when the content has increased.

10. Egypt
For any traveler or adventurer, Egypt should be a must visit on your list. A land filled with mystery, suspense and nice people (and as in people, I mean women). There is so many places to explore in the land of Egypt that I won't begin to list.

9. China
The most populated country on earth and one of the nicest. China is a place that you must go before you leave this earth.

8. Barbados
The good  Caribbean. You can't speak about tourist  destinations without speaking about Barbados. Barbados has the nicest beaches on earth and you heard that from me directly.

7. France
The country that encourages romance and sex. The country of love, especially Paris. I just love the way the people is France speak, and obviously your going want to do some site seeing because France is filled with sites.

6. Russia
When you think of Russia what comes to mind after? Well for me, spies, secret agents and really cool weapons. I guess I just play a little too much Call of Duty. However due to all the hype that revolves around Russia, I would love to be there in middle of a war and just watch in awe. (that's crazy though)

Okay the list is getting a bit heated at the top 5 spot.

5. Spain

Do you ever equate Spain with sports? Or just Football and Tennis? Well you should because the best Footballers and the best Football league is in Spain, "La Liga"

4. Brazil
What about Brazil gives it the power to be fourth? I actually don't know but I just feel that everyone should be there. Maybe it's because one of its greatest sculptures is one of Jesus and I think the whole world needs him.

3. Africa

Who doesn't want to visit Africa? The wide variety of wildlife just fuels my fascination towards the country. From Lions to Giraffes, the variety is endless.

2. Australia

1. Japan
Japan has everything you could want in a country. Technology, Entertainment and women that are beyond beautiful (Male's perspective). When I think about Japan I usually think of the amount of cute women it has, you can call me weird, (lol). The only exception is those damn earthquakes


  1. cool article!!
    But u forgot to write about Greece!!!
    Our country is very beautifull!!!!!

  2. hmmmm Greece??? I like Greece but it was never a country that I considered when thinking about vacations, but I will look into it. How about you write something about Greece on Bloggers inc


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