Six Feet Under - By: Angelo Duncan

Lies, pain, frustration,
Tears.........nothing but your personal gain in my destruction.
The more I run, the faster it catches up to me
Trying not to face reality, 
That we weren’t meant to be.

The more I try to work things out,
The harder you make it.
You said you loved me, but you don’t, so why did you fake it?
Processing these words you’re saying is like my head in a blender.
Loving you is putting me six feet under.

My name already engraved,
My roses bought.
Lost the battle and the war,
Though victory of us was sought.
Thought we were the next Bonnie and Clyde,
But turns out we’re more like Jekyll and Hyde. 

Pure evil in your eyes with the intention to kill,
Stabbed me three times in the heart,
Erased completely the virtue ‘killing is a sin’.
Then ripped it out of me like a total monster,
Trampled upon it and left it to wander.

Now that the funeral is past,
And my feelings forgotten,
Hades has the last laugh, my soul he has gotten.
Cause every time I see your face so sweet,
I picture you here with me, under six feet.