Santa, I can explain- Poetry by Tricia Coutou

Dear Santa, I tried to be a good girl this year,
Every day I said my prayers,
I did my chores and did not complain,
But for last month I can explain,
I know I cheated in my test,
But really, it was for the best,
Think about how much those marks were worth,
I did it cuz if I failed, my parents would be hurt
It was not for me as I thought of them first,
And I know doing bad would be the worst,
I thought we are suppose to help one another,
If that is wrong, then why should I bother?
I think I should be on the nice list,
And if I’m not there would be a huge diss,
Please I was good before that I’m sure,
My sister and I were never at war,
So I kindly ask you to check the list twice,
Cuz I know I’m not naughty but really nice,
And if you don’t believe me I’ll write to you again,

Just please give me the chance Santa as I can explain