Sabi is the most underestimated Artiste of 2011

Does anybody remember Sabi from New Boyz, "I found my swag" video with the Bangz? Ok better question is, does anybody remember New Boyz, "I found my swag" video with the Bangz. Well if you do i'm guessing you knew Sabi before her new collaborations with Cobra Starship and with Britney Spears.

Her talent has definitely surpassed her level of fame and recognition in the world because in plain talk and bad manners, she isn't very renowned. The reason can be that she hasn't made much music as a seperate artiste, but solely with her group, "The Bangz" So her career as a solo artiste is still in its fetus stage, but it's just a matter of time before her starship is birthed (Get it? ROTFL).

Her best new collaboration with Cobra Starship is what really drew my attention to her, not only because she looked absolutely stunning in the video, but also because I thought she was Rihanna before I saw the music video. (Yeah Rihanna). Before I saw the music video I was sure that it was Rihanna because her voice was very similar, but to my surprise I saw Sabi ( :O ). And to me I think she is under rated as an artiste, but there is always 2012 (God spear life)