Reflection- Poetry by Tricia Coutou

One day or another we all stop and wonder,
If we chose different paths would our life have more glamour?
Would we be fatter, skinnier or hotter?
Would our bank account have a much larger number?
When we were children, far in our past,
We thought that everything we had would last,
Little did we know there would come a time,
That you can't even think about going and lime,

You did not know you had to get a job,
You did not think you would end up a slob,
You were athletic, now lazy and fat,
And you are the only one to be blamed for that,
You thought you would be a fireman, doctor or lawyer,
You end up a vagrant down in La Hoya,
You were smart as you applied yourself,
Now even with simple maths you need help,

You were vain and believed you always looked the best,
Now take a good look at yourself,
You can't even compete with other people
Just the sight of you makes others tremble,
You were confident and used to put others down,
You now have no friends, take a look around,
You are lonely and sad as a matter of fact,
You thought you would be famous but you can't even act,

Who you thought you would be is not who you are now,
If you want you can take a bow,
If you do not believe me then let me mention,
Look in the mirror and see your reflection.