My Christmas List- Poetry by Tricia Coutou

A dress, a hat and a jersey that’s cute,
A piano, a drum and a flute,
A bedspread, a radio, a TV for my room,
Some jewelry, money and my own bathroom
A laptop, a desk, a new cupboard for my clothes,
More friends that last, less enemies and foes,
Nail polish, eye liner and some blush,
A nail clipper, nail file and a new tooth brush,
A shower curtain, some bath soap and some tooth paste,
Some tights and under wears and that are made of lace,
Some pairs of shoes and some ankle socks,
A new door for my room that actually locks,

A new scarf for my neck, some accessories to,
Anything, I don’t care, as long as it’s blue,
A new school bag, key chains and woogies for my hair,
Some pictures for my wall and a rocking chair,
One thing is missing and it is a boy,
He is better than clothes and any toy,
If I can’t get him I will be really sad,
And this will be the worst Christmas I ever had