Michael Bay working on Transformers 4

Michael Bay
The details are a bit sketchy at this point in time but it is alleged that Michael Bay, the best director in the world next to Steven Spielbeg, is in talks about Transformers 4. He is already reported to be gathering old and new cast members for the epic Cyborg Saga, which includes Shia Lebeouf for a fourth time in the installment.

If one, two, three Transformer movies weren't enough, now there is going to be a fourth. The level of epic proportions that will encompass the day it is released will be phenomenal, and be beautiful. It will be like an eclipse that only comes once every few years. On that day Michael Bay will become legendary like Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Micheal Obama (LOL).
Shia Labeouf

It may not be released now, because Michael Bay is currently working on a new movie called Pain and gain  based on a three-part New Times story about the infamous “Sun Gym gang,” a group of dimwitted Miami bodybuilders who kidnapped, tortured, and robbed a Florida businessman but got their comeuppance when their left-for-dead victim hired a private eye to hunt them down. 

But i am waiting patiently for the release of Transformers 4.
Shia Labeouf