K.L.J.G. - By: Angelo Duncan

A spark was initiated, voltage was low but it was still felt
The shock of a fantasy becoming a reality
The thrills of feeling a heart of ice melt
This in a long time hasn't happened to me.
Adrenaline pumps all through me every time I hear…
Your name, it brings happiness to a room,
Hair rises on my skin every time you’re near,
Your smile has me totally consumed.
Your eyes, they mesmerize, holds a portal to a genuine soul
My thoughts, honestly, are like “To have and to hold?”
But, leave that for when I’m around 27 years old :P
As of now I’m buying into your love, I’m totally sold!

A new book of my life, So are you a main character?
A new chapter is in progress, Are you the co-writer?
Cause I can edit us to be a best seller
Proof read to say the right words where needed
Place it in hard cover so it’ll last longer
Hand written cause I'm old fashioned.
Sequel after sequel, each one better than the previous
I mean, who in their right mind could get tired of you.
I’m in deep, does it show, is it that obvious?
There isn’t a thing for us that I won’t do.

Many trying to run the race
But girl you already won
Took my heart with first place
None can compete…. None.
So (K)iss me when no one is looking
(L)ove me and don’t hold back
(J)ust be you, don’t go changing
(G)ive equal output to my love, 100% feedback