Ian Alleyne's Crime Watch: No justice for raped Casino worker

The Crime in Trinidad seems to never end so Ian Alleyne's seems to be always in business and prospering. The famed Crime fighting hero of Trinidad recently aired on his show the interview of the woman that was raped in a car in Belmont, and since last week it was alleged that nothing has been done about it.
ian alleyne

The fact that nothing has been done about it is quite funny, because in the evening of December 6th 2011, Ian Alleyne showed the amount of cameras that were around the crime scene. The amount was astounding yet nothing was done. The cameras may not be working, so that may have just been a waste of a few million dollars in tax payers money. Come on better than that.

I can now go on a rampage and speak bad about the government of Trinidad and Tobago, but I am much smarter than that, because it is the government that is paying my tuition fees for the University of the West Indies. However I will say that the honorable Kamla Persad Bissessar can call a state of emergency, the infamous S.O.E, when she is being targeted. Lockdown the entire country when she becomes a victim, and has every single police officer as vigilant as Judge Dred, but not when a member of society is targeted. Well there is only so much that she can do, so I don't blame her, but the least she could do is ensure that the Cameras are working.