Best Bicep Workout

Everyone wants to get the big guns. When you flex your arms you want your biceps to be in ti top shape. Well I've got the workout for you.

A workout is only as good as your warm up. You must first start a warm up exercise and a great warm up is pull ups. It gets the blood pumping and the body ready for working out. You have just psyched up your body for a great workout. If you are unable to do pull ups I recommend you lift some light weights and do many reps doing bicep curls using the curl bar. I will give you a list of the reps and sets below. After you do that take a minute or two rest and begin to preacher curl. Preacher curls are basically curling sitting down over a high bench. After the preacher curls you do hammer curls then Concentration curls. This is a bicep workout.

Rep and Sets

Exercise                            Rep and sets              

Bicep curls                       15(drop set), 12, 10 10, 8, 6

Preacher curls                   10(drop set), 8, 6, 6

Hammer Curls                   12, 10, 6

Concentration curls             8,6,6

A drop set is a set in which you start at the heaviest weight that you can lift and drop the weight and keep going down continually without stopping. So you start on 80 pounds then drop to 60 pounds then down to 40 pounds then to 20 pounds without stopping. Take a longer rest after a drop set.

dragon curls

You are now ready to go heavy, well as heavy as you can go. You start of with some bicep bar curls