Taio Cruz is the best Artiste of the year 2011

There are thousands of artistes from around the world that qualify as nominees for this position, but there is only one artiste that will be crowned the best of 2011. That artiste is the famous British singer-songwriter, record producer, occasional rapper, and entrepreneur, Taio Cruz. His music this year has been some of the best, and has topped charts worldwide. His fellow Brit, Adele has also been causing havoc on countless charts worldwide, which brings England's relevance to the music industry back to the top..
Taio Cruz in concert

This Brit has been entertaining the world since 2008 and his songs never got dull. From Dynamite, to break your heart, and all the way to Little bad girl. These songs have all been hits.

His songs have been exceptionally famous and recognized greatly in the UK media. However his inventive techno has been listed among the favorites on millions of Ipods and Mp4s worldwide   He is a genius and compared to some of the new musicians out there, he is a horse among the sheep.
Best of England