Vybz Kartel Escapes Prison?

I am very indifferent to anything that concerns Vybz Kartel: "What don't concern me, leave it alone". But why was my BBM going off at 6:00 in the morning when I didn't sign up for any alerts to Vybz Kartel News?  Is this a play on my apathy, to test my reaction?  And for God sake don't send me any more BBM broadcast or I'm switching to Android.

It was alleged that Vybz Kartel had escaped from the Horizon Adult Remand Center in Kingston.  According to the rumors, the Deejay and seven inmates made  hostage of the guards at about 1:00AM, stole uniforms and a service vehicle before escaping into nearby bushes.

source:  Clovis Toons

Vybz Kartel, is in custody on two murder charges, conspiracy to commit murder, among other less serious charges.  He has been remanded since October 1, 2011 and has been in the news consistently.

Our investigation has so far turned up empty as the rumors were nothing more than fallacies.  Police close to the case have denied the allegations of an escape and suggested hostage situation.

The reason for the ridiculous rumors is still been debated in the public sphere and suggestions are been touted that it was a publicity stunt by his cronies to keep him in the minds of the public.  Other suggestions hint at some conspiracy theory - as the saying goes in Jamaica, " If it nuh go so , it nearly go suh."  Meaning that something is amiss in any case.

It is very unfortunate in our eyes, that we had to lose sleep over these crazy rumors and while we remain indifferent we respect our readers affinity to knowledge, and will continue to inform you of the developments.