The truth about "Black Friday"

I am not a xenophobic character and I appreciate and respect others culture and rights to do their thing, but there's one thing that I just don't get.  You guessed it, "Black Friday"  Apart from the fact that I despise the connotation on the word "Black" which traditionally has been used to represent anything bad ("blackout", "black eye","black head' ) I am very cynical about the utility of this day.  Is this just another way to fuel the consumerism of the American people?  Is black Friday a play on the minds of consumers to buy out the last of the years stock by Christmas?

I believe it is and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth much like the turkey I had yesterday.  Speaking of which, couldn't they choose another bird for God sake, like chicken or beef - except beef is not from birds.  But you get my point, "No matter what you do to the damn bird it just don't taste good", so all those thanksgiving cooking shows are useless in my opinion.  Back to the question of "Black Friday" we have come to associate the American people with shopping - primary, secondary, tertiary consumers.  This is so endemic that it has become a social activity, and even a hobby for most people.  I have a friend who once told me that when she is depressed she goes shopping, and this is in Trinidad by the way.  This brings up my second point about the cultural export where the Caribbean is almost indistinguishable from America.  This started and continue through the mass media, thanks to cable TV and now the Internet.

So while I chide the media for this culture of consumerism, let me take a candid look at the capitalist system. According to
"Capitalism is an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, esp. as contrast to cooperatively or state owned means of wealth." 
I will rest my case there on that point since it explains itself if anything by deduction that people need to spend and consume and shop - cash or credit for the wheels of capitalism to turn.

I will close by saying that responsible spending does not help the capitalist system and Black Friday is a marketing strategy to get you to stop thinking, grab that once in a lifetime deal - even if you have to borrow to buy it, don't think about 2012 because you are optimistic creatures.  Get a grip folks: "Optimism is no excuse to be unrealistic" Practice responsible financial management because nobody will feel sorry for you when you get busted by the bank, yes the same bank that so amiably and generously send you that card in the mail. Have a great day and remember:

Think responsibly, spend responsibly!!!