Strength to Last the Whole Way- Poetry by Tricia Coutou

Sweating profusely, now soaking wet,
Can’t stop now, take what you get,
You said you could do it, you were strong enough,
You’re so weak now you can’t feel a touch
You’re legs are hurting, you can barely stand,
How dare you call yourself a man?

It wasn’t that long, calm yourself,
You look like you are begging for help
You waited your whole life for this moment right here,
You thought about what you would wear,
When you finally completed your task,
Proud and tall without a mask
Take the attention and soak it in,
As the line between being proud and vain is thin,
You worked really hard and I’m proud of you,
You lasted the whole way through and through
Congratulations you have won,
I know it was not all fun,
You are now the best runner in the state,
And I know for this moment you could hardly wait