The simple solution to the Crime problem in Trinidad

The current government of Trinidad and Tobago are implementing lots of ways to help solve the growing problem in Trinidad, and it has helped to some extent. They have put the country in a State of Emergency, implemented a curfew among other things. But I say that they are wasting their time and the country's time to another extent.

They are handling the problem of crime with the wrong direction and approach, but it is a simple equation especially when the size of the country is put into the ratio.They are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Now let's run through the solution. Why do Trinbagonaians behave differently in foreign countries and act reckless in Trinidad? Because they are afraid of the authorities away, but not in Trinidad. Most criminals don't fear the police or the soldiers, or the government in Trinidad (Fact). To the "Big Fish" Trinidad police are a joke, and no offense but some of them are.

The police shouldn't look for respect, but fear. In terms of law, the good will be rewarded and the bad punished, and that's final.

Ultimately all that has to be done, is a change in the police mentality, Citizens should fear police more than criminals. When someone commits a crime, they have to run for their lives, because of they fear of the police.

During the curfew why were people afraid to go outside after eleven? Because the police will "beat you down." Now that's one good concept that came from the curfew.

The knowledge of how fear causes people to abide by rules is a concept that is as ancient as the sword. It was used during the reign of the Roman empire. The guards were more feared than lawbreakers and criminals were not threats but outcast.

The Trinidad police force needs to be feared, but for now they are just "Papi shows"


"This post was not intended to insult, and the statements made in this post are based on facts and not just my opinion"