Rebecca Black is back again with a new song.... sigh!!

"Rebecca Black
How long haven't you heard about Rebecca Black? Since Friday right? "LOL" Well apparently she is still out there attempting to redeem herself after her one hit failure. Now I'm not here to insult her intelligence or speak ill of her talent, but to take notice of a rising trend that is disturbing me..... Read on....

As you can see the value of currencies around the world are decreasing, and apparently so is the values of society. Sometime you wonder what are in the hearts of people. Rebecca Black is just a 14 year old girl following her dreams, but everyone is against her. She hasn't done anything to anybody to deserve all those mean comments. I read some of the comments and honestly if it were said to me, I may have lost it. One of the reasons why I respect this girl is because she kept her cool, publicly, in all of it. Her new song "Person of interest" was dropped on the 15th of November and yet again it was welcomed with hate, malice and insults. At least she is doing something with her life. What were doing at age 14? 
Rebecca Black

Ease her up with the small talk, and the negativity. Say some positive things, or nothing at all. And honestly, I'm not a big fan of her music, I hate it actually, because it's not my type of music, but I do not write bad things about it. The people who write nasty comments about her have no heart, she is just 14, if she were older, I may not have gotten disturbed by it, but she is barely a teenager. Enrich her, don't try to tear her done and make her into a troubled and miserable adult like, for example, Lindsay Lohan.. 
Lindsay Lohan