The psychological theory of Time travel

Time travel device
There are many theories of time travel out there, and in all of it time travel is alleged to be possible but not probable. It entails bending space and time and since the line is the shortest distance between two points it will be obvious to create a line or worm hole between the points. That sounds easy enough, but how do you bend the fabric of space and time and then create a wormhole. You can't bend time and space with your hands, no matter how strong you are.

So in the essence of all this, I created my own theory of time travel, which will make time travel possible by the very next day. Confused yet? Well hear me out still. Maybe scientists have been looking at time travel in the wrong perspective. They have been looking at it scientifically, and in the light of Physics and Chemistry. But maybe a time machine can be created in a very unlikely realm, the Psychological realm. Confused yet? I'm sure you never though of that.

The basic premise of the psychological theory of time travel follows the fact that if you turn the hands of a clock backward or forward you change the time. You will change relative time, but constant time will remain as the name implies constant. However if a person is unaware of the change in relative time then the time on the clock is constant time for the person. Now for this to work, the person must be completely unaware of the time change and not rely on the sun or moon. So if your ready to go an event, the best way to get someone to prepare themselves quickly, you can change the time. They will perceive themselves to be late, therefore they will be in the future while you are in the past, psychologically watching someone in the future. Makes sense right? Read more

Now if a moderator does this on a global scale by changing the times on the clocks worldwide forward by one hour, and he maintains the original time, then psychologically the moderator will be in the past and the whole world will be one hour in the future, psychologically.

So this is a great experiment to try when your home to get your family to never reach late to an event ever again. Some undercover work should be done, . People will respond to time.

The use of this theory is not very extensive and cannot be used in an array of different circumstances.