Our children's future is in youtube and the television

They are billions of children on this and earth every single one of them should have a future. And one of the biggest questions in the world today is where does the children's future lay. Well it is snuggled tightly with Cartoon network, Nickolodeon, MTV, BET, youtube and others.

Parents no longer control children but what they watch. Television was once considered a form of brain control and it still is. Now it has moved to the internet, then our phones, and soon in our heads.

Now i'm not bashing television because television is good, but to control your children's future you must be careful what they watch. The way the celebrities dress, speak, walk and talk are all being mentally recorded by them. Have you ever heard yourself say "I wanna be just like...... when I get older" well the children are still saying it.

The children are being molded to think in a certain way. If you think about it, your perception of beautiful is based on what the world says on TV right? Slim models right? Why do we wear skinny jeans? Why do we buy certain products over others? TV!!!!!!!!!!