Manchester United's noisy neighbours (Manchester City)

The noisy neighbors of Manchester have made a statement without saying a word.  For several years they have been banging on the doors of the perennial stalwarts led by the inimitable Sir Alex Ferguson. The red devils no longer sleep in peace and although they have not lost their fire, they seem to have lost their fuel.  They no longer blaze so brightly as they did for several years through: Robson-Hughes-York-Cole-Ronaldo-Rooney and the timeless Giggs and Scholes. Is Sir Alex an outdated item in the new Football order?  Or is the Manchester City FC project too daunting?

ManCity FC Owner: Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan
I would have to say it is the latter.  Nothing has changed with Fergie, as I affectionately call him.  The trouble is the stakes have been raised and the bar is so high now that "Fergie cannot cross it".  With all the skills, expertise and good intentions of the Manchester United manager, it is still not enough to leverage the capacity of the Manchester City team.  Manchester City FC has been built as a three year project that is now gone into production.  It is a factory that was build on the huge oil wealth of the UAE financier  Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.... Read on....

The project started in 2008 when the club was purchased by the Abu Dhabi United Group.  Although they finished 10th in the league that year and reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup, the owners were not satisfied and the shopping spree intensified.  The next couple of year saw an influx of high profile signings, some exceptional while others huge mistakes.  These include the likes of Tevez, Robinho, Toure brothers, Balotelli, Kolarov, Dzeko, Aguero, Silva and the manager currently at the healm, Roberto Mancini.  While a few of the signings were unfortunate they do have their benefits in the lessons learned.

EPL Table (Nov 19)
The returns of this project started right before the completion date which we sight as the summer of 2011. The production we believe has now started and we suspect that the main product will be trophies. After beating ManU on 16 April 2011 to reach the FA Cup finals, the writing was on the wall.  They went on to lift the FA Cup in 2011 to deliver their first major trophy since 1976 when they won the league cup. This was the official opening of the factory we call Manchester City FC and the expectations are raised as the project went into ex-post evaluation.  As if the owners were not appeased by the FA cup win and the earned champions league berth, City started off the league with a bang.  After a stunning 6-1 victory against Manchester United in October, City were five points clear at the top of the Premier League.  Today (November 19) they have held their own again to beat the only other unbeaten team for the season, Newcastle to temporarily jump 8pts clear at the top eventually ending the day at 5pts above ManU after their win away at Swansea.

The noisy neighbors have certainly been let in.  They have upgraded their house and added a factory and I believe they are going to start making trophies.