Nebula 868 owns Rap in Trinidad and Tobago

Nebula 868 posing with swag

Trinidad and Tobago was never a country that thrived on rap, but on Soca, Calypso, Chutney, Parang and rapso. Eventhough for years Trinidadians were trying so hard to be like Americans in the way their dress, walk, talk and even sing...... Read on.....

Trinidadian artiste were never really role models, but just entertainment. Nobody really wanted to be like Machel Montano or Shurwayne Winchester according to my knowledge. Trinidadians all preferred to follow international artiste like 50 cent, Jay Z and Kanye West. In other words, Trinidadian artistes lack greatly in the Swag department. However two young Trinidad artiste, Sean Nebula and London Future brought Swagger back to Trinidad entertainment.
Swag to giveaway 

These two now own Rap in Trinidad, and if anybody says differently they can "Doh say that!!" I hope they don't mess up this "Swaggerful" position and lead the ones that look up to them, along the wrong path.