Justin Bieber breaks youtube record with 2 billion views.

The pot tackles the misery.

Everyone loves Justin Bieber, but I think it's too much now, and it's on the verge of becoming an epidemic disease (Bieber fever, *cough* *cough*) . According to Youtube, Justin Bieber clocked 2 billion views on his Vevo youtube channel. Thats the number equivalent to 2/7 of the world population (Wow, if you think about it logically that's a lot of views).

The celebrity below him in views is Lady Gaga. But Lady Gaga is a twisted, drunken, drug addict of a celebrity, but I really do respect Justin Bieber for all that he has done and what he has contributed to the music industry. It was reported that he made 94 million in the past month alone in views. (I haven't even reached a million yet)

I congratulate Bieber on his landmark, and I would love to see him reach the epic landmark of 7 billion, the world population in views, but only time will tell.

The pot tackles the misery.