Ian Alleyne: Rising Trinidad Superhero

"It's ah Scarlet Ibis, It's ah Redjet, No it's Ian Alleyne... It is alleged"

Trinidad and Tobago has been one in the few countries in the world that have lacked superheros, but a new age is dawning. The age when superheros will be driving Audi's and passing us in suits and tie saying that it's wetting after wetting. No longer wearing underwear and fitted clothes. Cities are no longer called Gotham City, but Port of Spain. An age where superheros no longer carry names like "Wonder woman, Batman, Superman." But names like Ian Alleyne.

Ian Alleyne has been fighting crime for years now and saving this modern day Gotham city for the same and in the hall of justice he is the peace maker and Judge.
He has been titled an outlaw by many (WINTV and TV6) and many have threatened to kill him, but in spite of all the controversy he still wears the tie of justice proudly and fashionably.

He catches more criminals than the flu and ensures that he does it with style. And we can't forget his trustee sidekick, Om Lala.

Trinidad and  Tobago needs to be cleaned of its filth one Tv station at a time.