Guess who's back- Ian Alleyne is back

"Guess who's back? Back again, Ian's back, tell a friend.... guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back......"

Trinidad's crime fighting hero, Ian Alleyne is back on TV6 and just as timely as ever. The crime rate in Trinidad has escalated since the lift of the curfew and Ian Alleyne is now back on the case. The man that has the criminals trembling, gets the police force active, gets Tv6 in trouble, and makes the government look like failure.

But in all the celebrations and woes of his return, I have a big problem with his show that I noticed is arising and it sets a disturbance in the Caribbean waters...Read on.....
The length of time that is spent on commercials in the hour of Ian Alleyne is phenomenal. In watching the broadcast, most of the show is commercials and it just sours the whole "vibez" of the show. The commercials are so long that sometimes you forget that Crime Watch is even showing (Exaggerated.. duhh). You barely get much from the show anymore, because more and more advertisers are rushing to his show, and they are making space for them. I recalled over five minutes at a commercial break and it's getting worse.
I know that the Crime Watch crew needs money to keep their show running, but it shouldn't take away from the essence of the show, which is all about making the streets of Trinidad safer, not announcing how many promotions Digicel is having for Christmas.