Daddy's Little Girl (Tribute)

There's nothing more adorable than a good father-daughter relationship.  A girl that talks highly about her father in my experience always seem to have her wits about her.  One of my good friends (I call her D), is just a classic example of this kind of relationship. D is a very ambitious and successful young lady with a strong spiritual connection to God.  I havent met her dad yet but somehow I know the man.  I know her father through her, and I honestly thought I would get a chance to meet him when I travel home so it was a very depressing day for me when I get the terrible news that he passed away. 
Immediately I began to think and reflect on what D might be going through.  What can I do to help her get through this terrible time? I have no idea what this experience is like and God forbid, if I was in her shoes I don't know if I could live through it.  I do not deal well with death, especially when people close to me die.  I still think about my Grandma Rachel and my cousin Griff and when I travel home I subconsciously look forward to meeting and talking to them..  It is very surreal for me and I still search for the answers to the question of death.

I believe in my heart of hearts that D is a strong girl and her faith and and character will help her get theough the trauma; but I stll cannot imagine just how she will do it.  I hope she finds some comfort in the fact that dad is very proud of her and loves her to death. I believe that he will send an angel to watch over you D.  As for me and your other treasured friends, we will be that shoulder when you need to lean, and when you cry we cry with you - then dry our tears together.  Be strong my friend and continue to make daddy proud because you will always be :

Daddy's Little Girl"

Originally published on (Discovery Panel) by OJB Solutions © 2011