Catastrophic Asteroid is said to barely miss Earth on November 8, 2011.

This Earth that we are living in is much more than lucky, we are blessed. It was reported by NASA that a quarter mile wide Asteroid (The size of an Aircraft Carrier) is going to whiz pass us next week Tuesday, (Phew!!).  Scientists describes it as a world on its own. If the Asteroid were to hit the Earth it would be catastrophic in nature causing a four-mile wide crater 1,700 feet deep. It could cause 70-foot tsunami waves and shake the ground like a magnitude-7 earthquake.

Now imagine that this large Asteroid will be 201,700 miles away from us next Tuesday (November 8, 2011). It has nothing to do with anything but mercy from the heavens. That Asteroid could have been on its way here, and we couldn't have done anything about it. I just hope NASA's calculators are programmed correctly because I hope they are right, and no miscalculations took place

But according to NASA we are safe but this Asteroid has the potential to return and collide with us. (hmmmmm... anybody say 2012, lol I don't think so). Let us just hope and pray that it misses again next time around.