Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 makes $400 Million dollars on first day

The epic shooting game, Call Of Duty well known for its online play, rakes in $400 million dollars in sales on just its first day of release. It was reported by Activision that 6.4 million units of the game were sold within 24 hours of its release and growing.

And right behind "Call of Duty Modern warfare 3" is the rival shooter "Battlefield 3" with 5 million units sold in its first week in stores, making it the fastest selling game in EA's history. Now that's really funny if you ponder on those statistics. Call of Duty sold 6.4 million in its first day while battlefield 3 sold 5 million units in one week. Battlefield is definitely no competition for the first person shooter giant Call of Duty. Even though I personally find Battlefield to be the better game overall.

Anyway I congratulate Activision on their great success and I hope the technicians there get a raise (LOL, maybe even share some with me....hmmmm)

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