Broken Hearted- Poetry by Tricia Coutou

Sighing, crying, feeling depressed,
Why have you put me to this test?
I gave you my love and all of my heart,
You promised to me we would never part

I told my dreams and the one which came true,
You know I believed that the one was you,
You tricked me and now I'm falling apart,
How do I continue, where do I start?

It pains me so much, I can't bare it again,
You were my shelter when there was rain,
I depended on you, I needed you there,
Where were you? Don't just stare?

That look on your face, that mischievous smile,
It seems as though you were never mine,
Why play me this way, why hurt me so bad,
Especially since your the first love I had

I guess I'll just cry and feel depressed,
Trying to fix all this mess,
Hoping to find someone new,
Who is the total opposite of you