The best Poem/Spoken word ever written- Heart attack

My Heart never fails to express itself
like a newspaper, it is undoubtedly re(a)d all over
seeping through the pores of my pen unto this paper
trying to make itself known,
but nobody seems to cater.
Always got sum mess to deal with
same shit different toilet
and it looks like I have no brotopsy
because I never flush
and in this hotel called my Heart there is no room for LOVE
why bother make reservations for the lack
when all LOVE does is give you a heart attack.
It always seems good at first until it’s time for seconds
the clock is ticking and it’s time for third
and each takes a toll…
and this cart aint big enough to carry all this load
so I not toting…………………………….
But coasin
Not tripping, but elevating
And I’m ah stay fly
and I’ll call you on my next flight
Because right now my heart is outta sight

But imma land fuh any girl
that plays her cards rite
and now I can safely say
I survived LOVE
But I still feel the impact
Off that lovely Heart attack