Was the Manchester United Team Tipsy against Manchester City

Everyone knows that Manchester United is a good team, actually one of the best in the world. And eventhough they are one of the best they are still entitled to lose because even Barcalona loses sometimes. But 6- 1 is just unheard of.

How can a football giant like Manchester United fall to that standard to the likes of Manchester City. If the score was 1-0, 2-0 or even 3-1, I would have lived with that, but 6-1 means a big problem. And for me as a Manchester United fan, I am utterly disappointed and hope they pick up the paste in the other games.

Manchester United desperately needs to get back on the training field and settle their issues, because they probably were getting a bit complacent. I'm sure Chelsea and Arsenal are feeling a bit more confident of their chances now, but only time will tell.