League of Legends by Riot Games is the best MMO for pc of 2011

I've played many on-line games such as Call of Duty, Dota etc. But only one game really stood out to me, and that was League of Legends.

I must admit it is a bit similar to Dota the way the scenery is, but it definitely is better overall in gameplay. The heroes are more epic and the player service is great. I give Riot Games a thumbs up for this great game.

It sometimes can "Lag" which really annoys the hell out of me, and the level of "AFK" can be dangerously high in certain times. However it is usually quickly fixed and the game returns to normal in a timely manner.

I started playing it in July of 2011 and now I just can't stop playing it in my free time (Warning: Do not play League of Legends if you are a very busy person). I am now currently on level 24 and growing.

I would recommend this game for any gamer, and in case you were wondering, I am not writing a paid review, but just expressing my thoughts on this great game.

If you don't have it, you should definitely get it now http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/redownload.