Apple Cofounder Steve Jobs dies

Steve Jobs the Apple Cofounder died at 56 after succumbing to Pancreatic Cancer, which he struggled with for 7 years. The entertainment industry and all his family and friends will surely miss the genius of a man who we all wish a safe journey to hereafter (I don't know what kind of person he was). His technology will live on and whoever will take over the multi billion dollar company would carry on his great legacy to generations to come. It was alleged that Steve Jobs had many more plans for Apple, but now someone else must fulfil it

This man's leadership and creativity has seen the creation of tons of devices like the Ipod, Ipad, Macintosh operating system and many more. He aided in the development of "Pixar" which is blooming right now in the entertainment business.

The world has lost another valuable comodity and an asset. Let's hope that the new leadership of Apple can deliver and carry on the company.