Miranda Cosgrove breaks her ankle in a dangerous Bus crash.

This just in. The Nickolodean sweetheart Miranda Cosgrove has reportedly broken her ankle, when her Bus crashed into a tractor trailer while travelling through Illinois.

It took place early Thursday morning outside Vandalia 3. It was reported that the tractor trailer had already gotten into an accident and was overturned, blocking part of the road. Two drivers stopped by to help the driver of the tractor trailer who was stuck inside. It was at that moment that Miranda Cosgrove's tour bus was driving by and managed to hit part of the tractor trailer. There were no deaths but all of the six people involved in the accident suffered some sort of injury. Miranda Cosgrove was lucky, because she came out with only a broken ankle. However two had to be rushed by a helicopter to a nearby hospital. The driver of the bus and the driver of the tractor, Phillip Carter and Rodney McClure, were among those seriously injured. Three people on the bus were taken to hospital.

It was stated that everyone would be fine but there was no word yet on the severity of the ankle injury that Miranda suffered. More bad news that circulated this situation was that her concert in Kansas was cancelled due to the injury. Her fans will be disappointed but Miranda thanks everyone for their understanding and support. She had just finished a concert in Ohio and was headed to Kansas to have another one on Friday.
I guess Miranda Cosgrove won't have the Rebecca Black day that she planned. But our hearts go out to her and the rest injured, and we pray for her speedy recovery.