Kobe Bryant fights in church.

It was alleged that the famed Basketball player got into an altercation with another man at church for snapping pictures.

Kobe Bryant was reportedly taking in the word at the St. Therese of Carmel church on sunday, when he grabbed the phone out of a man's hand. Kobe Bryant had believed that that the man was attempting to take pictures of him and his wife, but there were no photos of him on the phone.

I guess that Sunday the pastor wasn't preaching about patience. Because Kobe Bryant had none at the moment. I don't blame kobe Bryant for getting angry at the man, but he didn't have to grab the phone. Also the 93kg, 6ft 6 mega bawler managed to injure the man's wrists at the same time. Come on Kobe you could have caught the guy some slack, he's just a fan, but now he's a broken fan.