Ian Alleyne should go Primetime internationally

While skipping through the channels, I happened to come across a show called Crime Watch by Ian Alleyne. It was a Trinidad made show, so the first thing that came to my mind was that it was unprofessional, low quality and undone (No Offense) compared to U.S prime time. However after watching the show for twenty seconds I became hooked and obsessed with the shows cool, timely and funny demeanour.

He knows how to make you laugh and always deals with real life issues faced by Trinidadians. His show surpassed the quality of many Trinidad based shows and should be an example to others. His programme then reminded me of a funny Comedy Central show called "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. Crime watch has reached that level, and should be acknowledged. Jon Stewart's net salary is 1.5 million U.S while Ian Alleyne's is   barely $50,000TT. See the difference. Similar talents, but different rewards. This has been a problem with Trinidad talent for years, and it has not been addressed fully.

I know your thinking that Trinidad is a small country and not many businesses would pay "wup" loads of money to advertise. That's exactly why his show should reach cable, and maximise the ratings and get international advertisers. This show has potential to go places. Eventhough it's based on Trinidad issues, that shouldn't be a problem, because think about it, people watch American based shows all the time. It will be a great way for Trinidad television to make money and add to the countries capital. I'm sure people from all over the world would love to hear what this man has to say.

It may never happen, I don't know, but at least it should be considered. Besides Ian Alleyne's sister has already gotten international attention, it runs in the family. I just hope Ian Alleyne gets positive, and constructive attention.