Dr Gonzo's "how to" tips- How to be successful

I would like to begin something new on my blog, called Dr Gonzo's "how to" tips. Where I state my views on how you must go about doing certain things. I know Dr. Cupid started this, but his are based on getting the woman of your dreams http://www.trinikid.com/2011/08/damnshe-is-hotthats-all-you-can-sayread.html This segment however is more general. I would like to begin the first post of this kind with how to be successful.

Now everyone has different views on success and what they'll do for it, and this is the key to success. Yes it is. You see, many successful people are not successful at the same thing. One may be a successful banker, while the other may be a successful football player. As you can see they are both successful, but in different things.

#1Plan out your success with Dream

So the first step to success is know what you want to be successful in. In other words, dream. People won't see the success yet, but you must see it, you must believe until it becomes believable. You must know what you want. If you don't know what you want to be successful in, then who else would know. Before anybody knew about Microsoft, Bill Gates dreamed about it. Scan through your talents, pray and see what you are good at naturally and set your dream revolving around that. For example if your naturally good at football, don't try to be a successful cricketer.

One thing people don't get about success is that it's not a get rich quick scheme. You must plan for years what your success is. You don't try to be successful, but you plan to be successful

#2 Put your dream into action

I know you here this a lot, but are you actually listening. This is the most difficult and fundamental part of success. You must work for your success, because chances are if your reading this you are not Paris Hilton. So you must toil till you are numb. You must have an obsessive work ethic, in which you are going to work with till you reached your goal. To reach the top of the mountain, you must first climb, and as the bible says, "Faith without works is dead" This may seem overwhelming, but if you want to see your dreams come true you must work or else it may not, unless you win the lottery. So if your dream is to become a famous footballer, then you must be training harder then everybody else. I remember there was an interview that the press had with LeBron James, and they asked him his key to basketball success. He simply said that he always went to training earlier than everyone else in training and left after everyone else. Wise words. He put that extra push in his training.
Last tip for the second step is if you act like everyone else and do what everybody else does, you are going to end up like everybody else.

#3 Live out your dreams and be successful

So you have worked hard for years and you finally start seeing results. Money starts flowing into the bank and you have a big house and a nice car. Was it worth the work? You enjoy your job, because your living in God's purpose and everything is fine. You are successful