Ashton Kutcher making big bucks on Two and a half men.


Ashton Kutcher who has taken Charlie Sheen's role on two and a half men would now be the top prime-time actor on television. Yes you read that correctly. He will be earning $700,000 an episode of the hit show. Does Ashton Kutcher deserve all that cash, for a newbie to the show. Maybe his overall experience had given him a foot in the door. But he will be making more cash than the other actors. Jon Cryer makes $600,000 and the 17 year old Angus. T. Jones makes $250,000.

Some may say that it isn't fair that Ashton Kutcher will be making more than the other actors who were on the show longer. But he has big shoes to fill. However Ashton Kuther will not be playing Charlie, because Charlie died in the show. According to TMZ, Sheen's character died after he was pushed in front of a train in Paris by his new bride Rose, after he was caught cheating. How epic. Jon Cryer stated in an interview that Ashton Kutcher did a really good job during the casting and I quote, "tore the roof off the joint." So if your worried don't be.

Charlie Sheen also had some words on his characters death. He said  "I am honored that it took something as large and violent as an oncoming train to terminate my character," Sheen said. "Anything less would have been an insult!" So everyones happy. Let's just hope that the viewers will be happy too and get the ratings high again. But for now, only time will tell.