Transformers 3 - Best Review

I woke up as early as I could and I made my way down to the cinema today. I reached there way before the cinema was even open. There was a rush for ticket and popcorn got scarce. All to watch Transfomers 3.

Now I must admit that was a great movie. Probably the best I have ever seen in a long time. The plot was epic and I had a blast watching it. The 3D really popped out at you, and Optimus prime looked great.

I do have a few negative comments though. I do find that the action scene at the end was a little bit too long and it started to become slight annoying. Just slight. And I also think that the luck of the main characters were extremely high. Everyone comes in at the right time. Well that's the basic movie. But the luck of the main characters were almost unrealistic. It might may be more realistic, if probaly one person had died. But they all survived.

However this is definitely a movie you must see, and I make no apologies. Great acting by Shia LaBeouf as usual and his new co star, Rosie Huntington Whiteley also did a great job. I think that she made the movie better but I mean no harshness towards Megan fox. But I believe that the show needed that fresh face.