Top ten best Movies of 2011-2012

I am sure that that many are wondering what are the best movies to look at for the summer. The summer is long and hot and when your not at the beach, community people are playing sports, you would love to watch Movies. But what are the best movies to watch for the summer?
Well do not go anywhere else, because the answer is right here. Below is a list of the top 10 Movies to look at for the summer.

10. Cars 2.
Not only is this a great children's movie by pixar. It makes a great movie for adults as well. So ensure to book your ticket for cars 2 on June 24th 2011.

9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.
Was never a fan of the Harry Potter series but for all you Harry Potter fans out there, this is a must see. The final instalment in the Harry Potter series and a sad ending if i must say so myself. July 15th 2011 is a date that you should mark on your calendar.

8. Cowboys and Aliens
Do you like Cowboys? Do you like Aliens? If the answer is yes to both then you would love, Cowboys and Aliens. An Original Movie that catches anyone's attention by the name, which just stands out above the rest. Also an ideal action Movie for you action seekers.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean  4: On Stranger's Tides.
Good old Jack Sparrow. He never loses his sense of Humour and his knack for danger. Every new POC movie that comes out is always warmly embraced in our homes by millions of folks around the world. If you want some adventure in your summer, add Pirates of the Caribbean  4: On Stranger's Tides to your Movie list.

6. Captain America.
What skinny and short person wouldn't love to get buff and taller in one day. Well guess who did. What kind of Steroids is he on. Definitely a must see for the summer. The 22nd of July 2011 is a date. Get your friends ready.

5. Hangover 2
Very funny. If you are looking for a laugh for the holiday, definitely a must see on the 30th of the May 2011. Get your tickets before its too late.

4.Breaking Dawn.

3.Green Lantern
Great Movie for the summer. Definitely out of all, this is the most Epic. Awesome Graphics and the storyline is out of this world. Book your seat in Theatres on the 17th of June 2011.

2.Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.
A great movie deserving of second place on this profound list. If you like action, this is your Movie. If you like Shia LaBeouf this is your Movie. If you like Megan Fox, well sorry she isn't in this movie, so deal with it. Learn to love the new hottie Actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Never heard of her? Me neither.


Are you ready for Number 1

X-Men : First class
I do not think that anyone can deny this its Number 1 spot as the must see Movie for the summer. Do not let the summer past and you haven't seen this Movie. Action, Romance, Suspence and Drama all congested into a perfect summer Movie. Make time on June 3 2011

This brings an end to my list. Here are two Movies that you should look out for in the future.

If you think that you know a Movie that was not listed here you can leave your responses in the reponse section below.