Spoken word Poetry (Swagga)

                        Swagga(Performance edition)

Look at yourself in the mirror
And look for you
Not someone else.

Don’t rob the world of your originality
Become someone with your own identity
People search for swag like if they window shopping
Watching fellas walking around with their collar popping
Their bags below their waste and their pants falling.
Their shoes so clean it dirty
Their pants so fresh, it salty
Call them fish, you get my poetry

They wearing glasses that not tested
Their face screw up like a saltprune
And their clothes tighter than a barca and Madrid soccer match
They make up all kinda stupid swag ranging from being straight
To being a farg

I searched for my swag near and far
Hoping to find it
I tried the latest trends
And I only tracked 10’s
I drifted from hi5 to facebook in the blink of an eye
And I started to go to a school
Where I was wearing a tie
But Is this my swag?

Alright so I tried something else.
I started to wear clothes that could stop my circulation
And my hair was looking like it was going through sheet erosion
I walking around with a box of japs everyday
Getting more oil than petrotrin
Ah bag ah kiss cake
And some fruta in ah tin
And ah driving my father car
And i feeling like ah king
But is this my swag?

I gave it one more go
I dressed like a pretty boy
Simple chain and an earring on my ear
People say my swagger level was higher than a rasta
I rock back in the sidelines quiet
But ah preaching like ah pastor
Is like ah working for francis fashions shoe locker
Ah making ah statement without saying a word
But i was the nest,
But they was no bird
The birds come for a while
Then they fly away
It seems as though none of them came to stay
But is this my swag?
This can’t be right because

Maybe ah just looking at swag at a wrong angle
So I looked at it at a different heights
I searched for my inner swag
Which was sealed in me
Like a demon fox under rights
I ripped off the chakra of doubt and insecurity

And I started to become the person that God wants me to be
A leader not a follower
A lover not a fighter
A worshipper not a skylaker
I began to transform like optimus and bumblebee
A different person if you look closely you will see
I  haven’t got all my tails, I only have two
I haven’t released all my inner swag
Have you?